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Weekly Reflexion


A few years ago, during Rome’s quiet summer, Pope Francis took a day off to visit privately with some old friends, whose identity took Catholic Italy by surprise: Evangelical Protestants. They welcomed Francis to their Pentecostal Church of Reconciliation, where Francis asked pardon for Catholic persecutions and celebrated the Holy Spirit’s “pentecostal work.” Unlike Satan, declared Francis, who creates division among God’s children, the Holy Spirit creates a diversity rich and beautiful. And unity; not uniformity, Francis specified, but unity in diversity. Francis named the Spirit’s gift “reconciled diversity.” Pentecost’s rich treasury of scriptural readings, for Saturday’s vigil and Sunday’s morning liturgy, traces the Holy Spirit’s work from creation’s beginning, through Jesus’ resurrection, into the church’s earliest days, now into our days. Kindled in our hearts, the Spirit’s gentle fire is ours to share generously, even with those most strikingly different from us. All hearts are Spirit-warmed by reconciled diversity.







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