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Liturgy & Worship

Altar Servers

First Communicants and older who assist the priest at Mass.

Tom Rowan (818) 365-3967 Email


Tom Rowan (Director) (818) 365-3967 Email

Eucharistic Ministers for Sick

Bringing the Eucharist to the sick & housebound of our family.

Rectory (818) 365-3967 Email

Eucharistic Minister for Liturgy

Distributing the Eucharist at Mass

Marge Brown (818) 365-3967 Email

Funeral Ministry

Offering comfort & support to the family & friends of the deceased.

Marge Brown (818) 365-3967 Email
Elaine Lopez (818) 365-3967 Email

Lay Presiders

Leading the faithful in prayer when a priest is absent from a daily Mass or a Scripture Prayer Service.

Marge Brown (818) 365-3967 Email


Proclaiming the Word of God to the assembly on Sunday & Holy Day Liturgies.

Marge Brown (818) 365-3967 Email

Liturgy Committee

Responsible for the development and planning of liturgies.

Marge Brown (818) 365-3967 Email

Music Ministry

Serving the community in worship.

David & Agar Dogue (818) 365-3967 Email


Marge Brown (818) 365-3967 Email

Hospitality Ministry

Facilitates welcoming at parish liturgies.

Pablo Ochoa (818) 365-3967 Email

Arts & Environment

For Sundays, special feasts / occasions.

Elizabeth Cervantes (818) 833-3147 Email

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